Rent of utility vehicles

Long term rent of van is great option for businessmen, who do not need to own one.
You will appreciate short term rent for great price in case of moving.

Full protection – perfect protection for you

We want to protect you from unexpectend and unpleasant events and because of that we have special service called „Special protection“ – thanks to blocking part of funds on your card or cash deposit you are protected and in case of these events you will not have to pay additionally:

  • Damage of the body, roof or undercarriage
  • Damage of glass, mirrors, wheels or tires
  • Damage of engine, transmission and battery
  • Charge fees for taxi and towing
  • Locking your key in car or key loss
  • Administrative and immobilization fees

1 day = 17$ per day
2 days = 9$ per day
3 days =7$ per day
4 days = 5,50$ per day
5 days or more = 3,90$ per day

Additional equipment

GPS navigation

According to your desire, we can install GPS to your car and you will never be lost! Price is from 5$ per day, with maximum price of 40$ for whole car rental time.

Child car seat

We will provide child car seat for every child you have. Price is from 5$ per day, with maximum price of 40$ for whole car rental time.

Full protection – perfect protection for you


  • Replacement of vehicle in case of failure
  • Assistance services
  • Services related to liquidation in case of insurance event
  • Mandatory liability insurance, accident insurance in Slovakia and abroad
  • Regular vehicle maintenance, inspections, oil and other operating fluids except fuel
  • Free option for other drivers to drive the rented vehicle
  • Winter tires in winter

Call us

+421 917 177 222

Business hours: Mon – Sat, 8:00 – 18:00
Services out of business hours: additional payment 20€


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  • Penzión Šariš: Sabinovská 1, 080 01 Prešov
  • Centrum Poprad
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