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1. The operator of this website is the CITYMETAL s.r.o. company. User is any person who requests to see any sub-page of this website.

2. The data provided to users are used in order to provide services to users

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4. Access to this site is free of charge to all users.

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Privacy policy

Trade Company CITYMETAL s.r.o. declares that as the operator of information systems, in which personal data are processed in accordance with the law no. 122/2013 body of law about the personal data protection and on amendments and additions to some laws of other relevant legislations, maintains strict security and privacy of their clients is priority.

The company undertakes to ensure that processed are only personal data which content is corresponding to the purpose of company and are essential to achieve it.

Concerned person freely gives the company consent for processing personal data in contact form by completing and sending the registration form or forms for collecting e-mail addresses under §11 in order to:

1. providing rental services of motor vehicles,
2. sending newsletters about offering services, products and news,
3. request to express the customer’s satisfaction with services.


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What does it mean

Word cookie refers to a small amount of data that web server sends to the web browser, which saves it to the users computer. Every other visit, users browser sends these data back to the sever.

Types of cookies we use

  1. Operational – to create traffic statistics and statistics of the most interesting content.
  2. Sign up – to easily and safely make a reservation on our site, you need to have enabled storage of cookies
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How to reject cookies

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