Return policy
  1. The subject of this return policy is the contractual relationship between CITYMETAL s.r.o. which may be represented by a resellers of the company and the customer. Return policy regulates the complaint procedure in accordance with section 18 paragraph. 1 of Act no. 250/2007 on Consumer Protection, Civil Code no. 401/1964 body of laws. (All named laws, as subsequently amended), as well as other generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. Complaints are processed during our business hours. Complaints are handled by customer service (tel. no. 0915 045 088). Complaints procedure applies to all services provided by suppliers to customers.

2. Proof of provided service

Supplier is obliged to provide proof of customer service where is stated:

business name, ID number and address of the supplier, business address, date of delivery of services, identification of services, price of services, and the total price paid. When selling services, document must contain destination, place and time of delivery.

Supplier is obliged to inform the customer about the conditions and how to claim including data on where a complaint can be applied.
Supplier is obliged to accept a complaint in any place of business.
Every customer should be familiar with the terms and conditions when signing the contract in order to avoid misunderstandings.
Supplier or authorized person is obliged to process the claim immediately. If that is not possible, it must be done at the latest within 30 days. This time does not include the time to evaluate objection.

3. Complaints time expiry

After the expiry of the maximum time the supplier has the same rights as if a defect could not be removed. Supplier is obliged to provide a confirmation of receipt of the complait.
Supplier is obliged to keep registry of complaints and provide it to the supervisory authority on request.
The register must contain details of the date of complaint, date and method of processing complaint.

4. Complaint application

The customers rights from liability for defects in the services provided by the supplier may apply only during the period of the provision of services (car rent) and not later than three working days after the provision of services (rent period expiration).

5. Complaints handlig procedure

5.1 Customer is obliged to provide following documents when applying complaint:
– Proof of provided service (lease agreement)
– A written statement of any deficiencies,
– Suggestion for complaint solution.
– Claim for damages.

5.2 Supplier will provide customer with the document of claim. The document must contain:
– The date of the claim,
– The claimed deficiencies,
– A suggested solution of the claim by the customer.

These information may be given on a written complaint from the customer.

5.3 A complaint can be applied whenever delivered service did not fulfill its purpose (car rent was not realized), what means that deficiencies were found during providing service

6. Method of complaint solution

According to qualified review of deficiency, authorised employee of supplier will make decision about method of complaint solution.

7. Complaint processing

7.1 Time to process complaint may take 30 days at the most if it meets all conditions of Return policy

7.2 Incomplete or wrong application of the complaint, may be refused and returned to the customer for completion. Refusal does not affect the time limit for handling complaints. Time for processing complaint is suspended until customer applies his completed complaint again.

7.3 Complaint can be resolved by: price discount services, refund of money or rejection by the supplier. Service claims at our resellers can be applied according to §436 and following provisions of the Commercial Code.

7.4 If the customer fails to meet the conditions of complaint process, the complaint will be processed by supplier in accordance with this return policy and relevant general binding rules, so that his legal rights were not affected.

7.5 Claims will not be accepted if the supplier proofs that the claimed deficiency is not caused by supplier and he could not prevent it in any way, for example, it is caused by unpredictable events.

7.6 Additional fee may be required from customer for processing unnecessary complaint.

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