Car rental of tomorrow

Nowadays, several areas are literally changing at a rocket pace. It is no different in motoring. Many fewer young people want to own a car and are looking for short or long term car rentals. With the increasing demand for car rental, the quality of the services provided could be expected to increase as well. A proof of this trend is also CityMetal car rental, which we will introduce in the next article.

In the west or east

CityMetal is a wide-ranging car rental company. You can visit the car rental in one of the following places: Miami Air port , Miami down town, Miami Bech, Holliwood Airport , Holliwood down town, Fort Laurderdale Air port , Fort Laurderdale down town.

Convenience first

Car rental in CityMetal is all about comfort and efficiency, so you don’t need to visit a branch to get services. Any car on offer can be booked online any day, without the need for direct or telephone contact. The reservation will specify the place and time of pick-up of the vehicle, which will be waiting there without delay. The aforementioned services are offered by the car rental company at some of the lowest prices on the market without the need to pay unreasonably high deposits. If it happens that the car of your choice is not available, you will immediately have a higher-class car available at no extra charge.
Passenger and commercial vehicles
Do you need a car for an extended trip with your family? Or take long-term delivery? CityMetal is the right place for both cases. The offer of car rental is made up of both personal and commercial vehicles. Passenger cars are great to meet personal short or long term plans. Commercial vehicles will provide you with sufficient resources for a shorter or longer period of time without having to own them.

Other than other car rental companies

 All cars offered by CityMetal for rent are exclusively new, regularly serviced and therefore in 100% technical condition. In addition, you will experience excellent interior and exterior cleanliness. Another characteristic that distinguishes CityMetal from other car rental companies is the ability to pay in cash. It is up to you whether you decide to pay online or directly to the courier when taking over the car. Car rental CityMetal is also here for those traveling on or off vacation. You can book the car and have it brought to the airports . The car rental service is carried to the airports in Miami , Fort Laurderdale . Not to mention that you can also request the services of a chauffeur.

Welcome bonuses

In fact, small details add to the real enjoyment of driving, and they are not forgotten in CityMetal. Not sure if you hit your destination? Easily borrow navigation with detailed maps. Is your child a member of your crew and you do not have a car seat for him? Car rental will take care of it and provide it to you. As in the above-mentioned situations, you do not have to stress unnecessarily in an insured event. CityMetals offers its clients the option of special insurance, which means that in the event of an insured event, you will not be charged any additional fees, loss of profit or anything else.

Rewarding loyal customers

Another bonus that deserves separate attention is the loyalty program. In practice, it works very simply, it is about scoring points for each car rental. You can then convert your earned points into money and use them for your next car rental. You can easily rent a car for free. You can book a car at any time and drive in just a few days.

Join our satisfied customers and travel with us too!

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